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Complete Competition Videography

The Watch and Learn Difference

  • We give athletes the chance to see their performance in stunning detail! High definition videos on all four apparatus' from 2 angles, in both full and slow motion, give gymnasts and coaches the ability to see the things they did well and pick out things they can improve on!

  • We provide an additional service to photography! We don't compete with photographers as our products target a completely different need.

  • Our standalone cameras are small and require only occasional attendance allowing the meet to occur with our product going mostly unnoticed by meet competitors. We limit our floor time to almost none!

  • Secure Delivery Download athlete videos via secure link and password.

  • We give viewers more time to relax and enjoy the event without having to run all over the gym trying to record their athlete often from a distance, and many times with obstruction, making for happier parents!

  • Our service provides spectators more time to utilize your concessions and vendors!

  • We provide your gym with more income! We are willing to pay a vendor fee! 

Track progress like the pros.

Watch & Learn Sports gives your athlete the competitive edge


See Progress From Every Angle!

There is simply no better tool for athletes than video. 

The NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and higher level gymnasts all use tools that are now accessible to you and your athletes!  


Watch Progress In Action


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